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Door Replacement

Door Replacement Services

Replacing your front door is a great way of increasing the real estate value of the home.  That’s because the front door is first aspect of your home people see as they approach. The right front door is the first impression people will get from your home and is invaluable in increasing the curbside appeal. A front door is not only for looks, it can affect safety, energy efficiency, weather resistance and mood.

Direct Windows  offers an endless variety of beautiful entry doors, fully equipped with sidelights, stained glass, internal grills and door blinds. Our professional staff will help you choose from a number of available materials to fit your needs and ensure the longevity and durability of your doors. Here is some background information about the different types of doors to help get you started:

Fiberglass Doors


            Fiberglass doors are extremely resistant to moisture and bad weather, it is also resistant to dents and scratches that can damage other materials. The compression molded and high impact fiberglass will prevent your door from warping, splitting, bowing or cracking. Although more expensive, fiberglass doors are able to combine the unique look and feel of a wood door with the strength, durability and security of a steel door. Fiberglass doors are covered with genuine oak grain finish to give them warm wood texture but you can generally tell the difference between the two if you get close enough.    

Wood Doors


One of the most popular choices for entry door is the standard wood door you will see on many homes. It offers limitless a number of colors and designs and customers can choose from a number of different veneers such as mahogany and oak. Although a wood door can sometimes be a more expensive option, it’s also easy to repair if damaged. Wood doors have a unique feel, weight and quality that is unmatched by any other material (not to mention wood is famous for its insulating properties) which makes them the number one choice of homeowners across Ontario. The only problem to consider when choosing an exterior wood door is weather exposure. Wood doors will serve you best if they are protected from the rain and harsh weather such as in a porch enclosure or under an awning.

Steel Doors


            Formerly used for commercial products, the increased variety and selection has more and more homeowners turning to steel for their entry doors. This sturdy material is maintenance free and is one of the least expensive options available. Steel doors are extremely secure and now offer much better insulating properties; a polyurethane core provides insulation to save you money on your energy bills every month. Many homeowners are worried about rust and corrosion when purchasing a steel door, Direct Windows doors are galvanized (a process of coating the steel with zinc to prevent corrosion) which stops rust and guarantees your door to last a lifetime.








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